Real Silver Leo Necklace with soul purpose card. The perfect gift for a glamourous Leo.
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A beautiful Leo necklace made from real sterling silver of the highest quality. 925 stamped. Made in the UK.

Comes with a branded presentation box, and a card with your Leo traits.

Made with love from an astrologer / creative.

Perfect gift for friend, mum, sister.


When a Leo walks into the room, everyone notices! It's that regal carriage and swagger of the hips that set them apart from everyone else. If you are a Leo, you know you are made from sturdy stuff. Ruled by the Sun, you're honest, bright and you radiate confidence and sex appeal! You are proud and want to be noticed! So with that in mind you can wear your Leo necklace with pride! And knowing that this is high quality Silver from a Luxury brand. Only the best for a Leo.