Virgo Necklace

Virgo Silver Necklace with soul purpose card. The perfect gift for a Virgo.
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A beautiful Virgo necklace made from real sterling silver of the highest quality. 925 stamped. Made in the UK.

Comes with a branded presentation box, and a card with your Virgo traits.

Made with love from an astrologer / creative.

Perfect gift for friend, mum, sister.


Virgo's are perfectionists and detail-orientated.  They love things to just be right and perfect.  If this is a gift for your Virgo friend, then they will love how perfect this Virgo necklace sits on the neck.  It also comes in a well presented, orderly gift box,  which a Virgo will just love!  Lots of love to our Virgo friends, lets face it we all need a Virgo in our lifes to keep us in-check and organised! :)